Beef recipes

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Beef recipes



Scrumptious sauce, My husband loved it, I will be doing it regularly 🙂

My husband and I have made this for many years. We have the 1998 Taste of Property cookbook where we identified the recipe. Easy and delicious.

I chose this recipe to make for me wife for Valentines day and it was wonderful. I produced the brussel sprouts and rather of a classic mashed potato, I chose to use a garlic mashed twice backed potato. I also followed the suggestion beneath and doubled the sauce which I extremely recommend, even if you do not like a great deal of sauce. It goes nicely with the left over potato’s anyway. I did not measure the temp of the steaks instead I followed the recommendations for time and extra primarily based on the dimension of mine. I turned mine at 6 minutes. I had a single that was about an inch thick and one that was much more than that and they were both about six-8 ounces. I like medium rare and my wife medium and it worked out perfect to cook them at the exact same time. I would add that to don’t forget to baste the steaks often to steer clear of drying out due to to the strategy of cooking. Give this a consider and you will love it. Thank you.

This was incredible! Doubled the sauce to put on mashed potatoes. Will absolutely make once again.

I just couldn’t make myself cook this in a skillet – I enjoy char grilled and have Never ever cooked steak in a skillet unless of course it was a cube steak. I will attempt but am very skeptical.

I manufactured this tonight for dinner, but I did adjust some factors based on ingredients I had in the property. This was extremely excellent. I did not have tenderloin so I used rib eye steaks. I cooked them for 4 minutes on every side and they have been perfect (medium). I did saut? shallots and garlic with the mushroom and deglazed my pan with 1/2 cup of dry sherry and a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce, and I did use a ten oz can of beef eat rather of broth. So I did adjust a couple of factors but it was oh so very good. The gravy was excellent in excess of the steak and mashed potatoes. This was a really effortless and fancy dish.

I have not created this so did not give it a rating. PLEASE don’t cook to 145 F if you want medium uncommon. The temperature will rise when eliminated from the pan and you will get at ideal a medium effectively to properly completed steak. For medium uncommon, your steak should be at 130 – 135 F and then tented to rest. It would be a shame to ruin an expensive piece of tenderloin.

Very Great sauce! I actually utilised cube steak due to the fact of value – Beef tenderloin is an high-priced minimize of meat. The cube steak was tender and the sauce delightful.

I liked this but would like to discover a way to make it where it employs much less body fat.

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