Cauliflower rice recipes

Chris Klein
Cauliflower rice recipes

To be truthful, I was skeptical of cauliflower rice. How could blitzed raw cauliflower, warmed in a skillet, taste anyplace near as satisfying as fluffy, steaming rice? It can’t. The inevitable reality is that cauliflower rice demands some assist from other flavors to send me back for seconds.

This is cauliflower rice kicked up many notches by some of my favourite Mediterranean substances. Fresh parsley, lemon, garlic, toasted almonds and red pepper flakes make this cauliflower rice an irresistible side dish. It tastes like rice pilaf crossed with tabbouleh, if you will. It is scrumptious.

I first created this cauliflower rice as a side dish for some leftovers, but it turned into dinner when I couldn’t stop going back for more. To be specified that the recipe was blog-worthy, I produced the rice once again for my skeptical taste testers.

Their response? “You know, this is truly excellent. Like, really excellent. Why is this so good?” That’s when I threw my fists in the air and began generating slow victory laps close to the kitchen island.

You could make this low-carb cauliflower rice to round out a light meal, or to lighten up an otherwise hefty dinner. It will go properly with any recipe that is loosely Mediterranean in flavor, specifically with dishes that have lemon and fresh herbs. Serve this recipe when a green salad won’t reduce it!

Cauliflower Rice Notes & Guidelines

The crucial to producing excellent cauliflower rice is to wring excess moisture from the cauliflower rice before cooking. That way, the “rice” can caramelize in spots and yield significant taste bonus factors. Otherwise, the rice just steams in the pan, and we all know how compelling plain steamed greens are (heh).

The ideal way to make cauliflower rice is in a foods processor with the S-blade. I attempted generating the cauliflower rice a few diverse ways—grated by hand, then in the meals processor with the grating attachment, and yet again in the foods processor with the S-blade. I’m sure there’s some moisture variability from cauliflower to cauliflower, but I was able to squeeze out the most moisture from the cauliflower rice that I created with the S-blade.

Get shop-bought cauliflower rice to make this recipe quicker, with significantly less mess. Fair warning: No matter how I grated the cauliflower, I produced a mess. I was underwhelmed by the bagged cauliflower rice from Trader Joe’s generate area, though—it was not as fresh-tasting as my homemade rice, and I couldn’t squeeze much moisture out of it (possibly it dries out in the bag?). You may have greater luck with frozen cauliflower rice, but I haven’t had a possibility to try it however.

Stovetop-cooked cauliflower rice tastes much better than roasted cauliflower rice. I tried roasting the cauliflower rice in the oven, and I didn’t love the outcomes. By the time the rice was golden, it had misplaced a ton of volume and offered a strangely spongey texture. The stovetop rice was tastier, fluffier, and prepared sooner!

As usually, please allow me know how you like this recipe in the remarks part. If you’re a cauliflower rice connoisseur, please share your suggestions with me, too!

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