Chocolate gravy

Chris Klein
Chocolate gravy

Chocolate Gravy? Seriously? Yep. It is a single of those swift minor sweet indulgences that was created by a very inventive and resourceful cook a lot of generations in the past.

Reportedly born in the Appalachian region of the south, chocolate gravy is perfect served with a plate of buttermilk biscuits and bacon. It genuinely is hard to beat.

Thankfully, it only requires a couple of minutes to whip up as nicely. With just a few humble elements of butter, flour, sugar, cocoa, and milk, that most absolutely everyone keeps on hand, this chocolate gravy comes collectively in no time flat.

While chocolate gravy was initially served with buttermilk biscuits at breakfast, I believe it tends to make a mighty delicious dessert, too. You could even leading add a tiny ice cream and berries and have a fast shortcake that is out of this world scrumptious.

But, just make positive you don’t knock it til you try out it. You might be pleasantly shocked that anything as easy as chocolate gravy can make your day even brighter. Since, you know, chocolate undoubtedly does make the world a whole good deal much more fulfilling.

Here’s my chocolate gravy recipe. Make it soon. You may well find out a new identified really like!

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